Spiritual Clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a very powerful modality that works to clear your Akashic Records.   SRT clears away attachments, cords, stuck energy/entities, programs, and belief systems that maybe from present and past lives trauma.  By working with the Higher Self, I use channeling to open up the Akashic Records so spirit can clear what no longer serves you in this life time.  This allows the subconscious to let go of old information and accept healing on deeper levels of consciousness.  This clearing can activate a new way to communicate with spirit, so you can learn to speak and hear your own truth, develop a deeper trust and knowing with your true self, learn to tap into divine source and be able to follow your intuition with love and compassion.  Spiritual Response Therapy assists in connecting you with your higher self and tap into the abundance of Universal Love and Oneness.  This can be done in person or distance healing.