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Spiritual Life,

Lindsay Foreman


Living a spiritual life is one of the purest forms of living. Living a spiritual life allows you to be in the moment, take things as they are, find the flow of your own rhythm, and be grateful for all that life has to offer. This is something I have strived to live by for a long time…however, I have had many “detours” that looked nothing like a spiritual life. As I have got older and somewhat wiser, I realized that, what I called a “detour” may have been the most spiritual part of my life journey and the biggest stride of growth, without my knowing. So, what does that look like? It is too much of an individual experience to pinpoint exactly. Life is so personal with a arrange of emotions that you cannot truly quantify what spiritual growth is. And it is hard to see any growth when you are on your detour; one doesn’t usually sit back and relax about being on a detour when you are seeking spiritual growth. Usually you feel lost, distracted, disconnected or completely unaware. I have been in all those states at one time or another, and more often then not, I have been in all of them all at once.

Through out my adult life I have gravitated towards a more holistic approach to healing and selfcare. I have always believed that natural methods were the most beneficial for true, mind, body, spirit change. However, the things that inflicted me in my life ran very deep and were extremely complicated. Regardless, I set out to seek alternative help and met many knowledgeable and interesting professionals along the way. Looking back, however, I was always looking for someone to fix me. I was searching for things outside of myself to tell me how to be, if I was good enough, if I was worthy etc. But my problems never seemed to really heal even if people did tell me these things about myself. I was at a point in my life where I could not believe that I was worthy. This was a common theme that ran through out my life beginning in childhood. And though I so desperately wanted to live a spiritual/virtuous (for me meaning perfect) life I could not get there no matter how hard I tried.

At the time of my life when I was trying so hard to find healing for myself I was in a very abusive relationship, one that I could not get away from, one that tortured, belittled, and hated me more than anything in the world. This relationship was with myself and I had been in it for a very ling time. I began my path to recovery in my early twenties, but it took me over a decade and some change to get to where I could sit with myself with out total self-destruction. What I know now, but at the time had no clue, is that the “detour” I thought I was on, was actually a spiritual experience disguised as a never ending full blown nightmare, sprinkled with miracles, alcohol, and shit ton of doubt.

It is funny that no one tells you how bad healing feels. How hard healing can be; that you can feel as if you are going to die from the experience of healing trauma, and that part of you has to die in order to be reborn out of walking through the pain of what you have already lived through. The thing about walking through the pain is that at the time when trauma originally occurred, we go into: fight, flight, or freeze. Most of this happens when we are too young to fight or flight, so the freeze response is most common. However, all the responses and chemicals for fight or flight still get released into the body and floods the body with these chemicals. This gets trapped and stored in the nervous system and takes on a life of its own when not released properly. With out that release coupled with habitual trauma takes its toll and creates PTSD to were everything and anything can trigger that original trauma. When going back to visit some of those deep emotional issues, it feels as though you are back at the age when you first experienced that. That is why a lot of people revert to acting out as a child when threatened or triggered. But if you go back and release that trapped emotion it can have a ripple effect that release stuck trauma on multiple layers simultaneously.

Quantum healing, synchronicities, and miracles can be some of the things that you may notice when working with spiritual healing. Letting go of the deep trauma and transforming your energy can have a ripple effect that goes beyond a single benefit. In doing the spiritual healing work, you can begin to heal what might be affecting every aspect of your life including but not limited to relationships, marriages, jobs, health and more. Everything is vibration, everything comes from creation so changing your energy or low frequency emotions, you will naturally begin to raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you are no longer a vibrational match to those lower frequencies. This is not to say you will not experience low vibrational energies. But if you transform old low frequency emotions, you are sending out a vibrational message to the Universe that has a positive infinite affect.

Our thoughts and emotions omit a frequency. We are all moving particles of energy and understanding and using this knowledge to heal your self is beyond powerful. This is what brings me to the conclusion that this, meaning this life experience, is all a spiritual life. You are a soul/spirit experiencing and expressing your life in a 3D form. When you resonate at a certain frequency, you are drawing in a vibrational match. That is why when you begin the healing process, you raise your frequency and draw in higher vibrational energies and experiences.

Life is Beautiful


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