Saving Myself from Myself

Put my hands up to the sky, raise my light to match the flow of vibration shining through the Heavens. Every cell, every atom vibrating with love to show me I am not alone, to show me that everything that ever was is perfect, whole, and complete before it ever meant to be broken. The illusion of broken is what makes you whole.

Let the Sun wash away the black back to the light. Darkness that threads the Universe is the lie that keeps us searching for the truth. Without darkness we would not know how much we need the light to feed us back to Mother. Mother and Father all that I am, all that I ever have been, I will be, you show me the path back to you, you show me the path back to me. That leads me to my heart, the center of my soul.

Shadow self, what do you have to show me? What do you have to say? You are so loud and cruel until I give you the floor and then you coward away like a spineless criminal robbing me when I am not looking. Well, I am looking at you and I see the darkness. I see the many staring back at me from the shadows. I see you and your beauty. I see you as my teacher, I see you no longer as a threat but as my ally. You have gotten me through most of my life by protecting my heart, lashing out for me, and keeping me safe; scaring away everyone and everything by building the shield I needed to survive. Thank you, I see you. I see the light shine in and I see the light shine out of you. I see you luminating from the darkness. I see that you and my spirit guides, my higher selves, are different but are the same. Transformed into truth, letting go of fear allows my eyes to see with my heart and the evil that once ruled me by terror, has faded into luminating space. I see your smile and I feel as though you have something to tell me.

The fire burns deep, those eyes that pierce through to the core reflect the frustration and agitation that flows through us all. But it is not what we want to feel, it is not what we want to show, it is the hurt, the lies that tell us we cannot, will not, should not. It is the blame that holds us under water, drowning the life force out of us with self-pity.

My heart flow freely as I let go of the need to hold on to everything that is not mine. My heart opens and a light flow in me, and floods all that I am. On this plastic plane of existence, the shinning rays of light, cut through the chains that I linked to my heart for imaginary safety. I see them break away and dissolves into millions of particles floating into the sky, transforming into the Stars. The stars become billions of eyes blinking to see me and then winking with their inside joke that holds the Universe together with sneaky information. A wave washes over my thoughts and all the stars fall to the surface of the ocean. Their buoyant light begins to fade as they slowly sink down to the bottom of the sea. Shimmering metallic creatures go wild with excitement as they snap at the stars and swallow them into their bellies. Giant bursts of cosmic forces shoot out from the exploding energy that was swallowed by the creatures. This rocks the underwater world and makes its way up to resurface. My spirit connects with this force and I am warmed by the flame that burns while I dance to the beat of beauty. I dance on the shoreline while the waves wash over my feet and infuse them with vibrant power. My legs absorb the vibe of my feet and join in on the rhythm that comes though me.

My belly holds the laughter that fills my drum and reverberates out into the night. My arms sway as my fingertips kiss the energy of the dance. My throat is clear and the power that erupts from my voice lifts up, and out, with a love. The ripple of my voice goes up and out my third eye that can see the visions of the Dance of Heaven, reaching out the top of my head-my crown. My crown becomes a beacon of light for all of me to see. I connect with the self; I connect with all. I will connect with this so that I may walk through the darkness with my flame burning bright so that we may all feel the warmth of the flame that is inside all living things. I pass the torch to my shadow self and see the demons scatter as my shadow absorbs the dark and squeeze the illusion of separation naked on the floor of possibilities. The demons try to take hold and cover themselves with the quilt of illusion but the illusion and can not hold with out the frequency of fear stitching the fabric of lies.

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